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Federal College of Education (FCE) has the mandate to cater to the needs of qualified trained teachers of Islamabad Capital Territory, FATA, Gilgit B, and AJK which is in line with the education policy of the Government of Pakistan. Training and preparing education engineers and develop a qualified force of teachers for building a prosperous Pakistan is fundamental for FCE and this has been in practice since its inception by producing quality trained teachers by imparting pre-service and in-service training with new and improved methodology/techniques and teaching practicum to meet the challenges in education. 

COVID- 19, for the education sector, is a quintessentially adaptive and transformative challenge, with no preconfigured playbook to guide appropriate responses. Educational leaders---with a specific context in mind ---ought to design responses during the pandemic. A significant role played by the teacher to ensure that learning continues is one of the lessons learned during the last few months. Redressing the loss in knowledge and skills of students by providing a secure environment is a difficult task. The pandemic has transformed the shape of the classroom and has been an out of ordinary time to learn the New Normal and co-existence with the new Covid-19 stricken environment.

This modular series is a set of online educational resources at the Federal level to support the teaching/learning process, facilitate the rapid design process, implementation of adaptive responses, and safeguard educational opportunities. The modules have been framed for educational leaders, and teachers to effectively use technology at their workplaces. It would provide a hands-on approach to demystify the knowledge and teaching hurdles and produce more skilled and competent professionals. Explore

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