FCE offers admissions in all aforementioned programs each year after the declaration of F.A./F.Sc., B.A./B.Sc. or M.A./M.Sc. results. Admission in all disciplines are made purely on merit basis


According to the approved admission policy, the allocation of available seats for each academic programmes are as follows:
A Open Merit (on all Pakistan basis) 50%
B Islamabad Capital Territory 40%
C Disabled 03%
D Co-curricular Activities 05%
E FCEs Employees Son/Daughter or real Sister/Brother 02%
F Nominations of Directorates of Education, NMTD, GB, Cantt. & Garrison, PAF and Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) ISB (over and above allocated seats) 20%


  Academic Program   B.S. Ed. (5 to 8) (2-years i.e. 4 semesters) Semester Sys. B.S. Ed. (HONS.) (4-years i.e. 8 semesters) Semester Sys. B.Ed. (HONS.) (4-years i.e. 8 semesters) Semester Sys. B.Ed. 1.5 Model (1.5-years i.e. 3 semesters) Semester Sys.
No. of Seats
Morning 50 50 50 50 50
Evening 30 30
Total 80 80 50 50 50
Max. Age 26 years 26 years 26 years 26 years 26 years
Eligibility B.A, B.Ed/B.Sc, B.Ed/ B.S.Ed B.A/ B.Sc I.  F.Sc:  Pre- Medical II.F.Sc Pre-Engineering III. F.SC: Physics, Maths, Computer Science F.A/F.Sc. M.A./M.Sc.

Note: Students having Third Division are not eligible


  1. The candidates applying for more than one programme/ one category should use a separate application
  2.  Government/In-Service candidates should route their applications through proper In case of selection, a serving candidate is required to produce a study leave certificate, otherwise his/her admission will stand cancelled.
  3.  A selected candidate has to submit his/her Migration Certificate (within 10-days of admission) from the relevant Board/University, which is not within the jurisdiction of University of the
  4.  Only those candidates are eligible to B.S. Ed (5 to 8), B.S.Ed (Hons), B.Ed. (Hons) B.Ed. (1.5 years) who have studied at least two school subjects as elective at F.A./F.Sc, A/B.Sc. or M.A./M.Sc. level.
  5.  Guardianship certificate issued from “Guardian Court” will only be
  6.  In case of a tie between two or more candidates having equal merit, their merit will be determined on the basis of (The older will be selected)
  7.  As per notification 50(A-1) (7-10/97) dated 05-10-2000 of Higher Education Department Government of the Punjab and communicated by University of the Punjab, a session gap of last two years for males and a session gap of the last five years for females will only be acceptable for admission. Session gap of a time period more than as mentioned above will render an applicant ineligible for admission to any University degree programme.
  8.  If any candidate has qualified additional subject(s) other than those normally required, the marks obtained in the additional subject(s) will not count towards determining his / her
  9.  Technical graduates having a degree/diploma in Engineering, Medicine, Veterinary Science, Technology, Commerce, Agriculture, Law, Library Science and Journalism are not eligible for
  10.  Candidates convicted by court of law in any offence, sent on compulsory retirement or terminated from the government service are not eligible for
  11.  A Candidate studying at FCE cannot take admission in any other institution and vice versa, during the period of course he/she is studying in.


  1. Category A (Open Merit): all candidates are
  2. Category-B (Islamabad District): a candidate having domicile of Islamabad District or a candidate who himself /herself OR his /her father/ mother/ guardian is a Federal Government Employee OR posted in Islamabad District, is eligible. (Attach a copy of the domicile of Islamabad District OR Original Service Certificate as per given specimen, OR Guardianship Certificate from guardian
  3. Category-C (Disable): a candidate having any prominent physical disability is (Attach certificate of disability from National Council for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons, Islamabad.)
  4. Category-D (Co-curricular Activities): a candidate having certificate of merit in sports/co- curricular activities, at district/inter-collegiate intermediate level, is eligible. (Attach copies of relevant certificates). They are required to represent the college team in all activities and prove their
  5. Category-E (FCE): an employee of Federal College of Education Or his/her wife/ husband, son daughter/ real sister/ real brother is eligible. (Attach original documentary proof of relationship with the candidate
  6. Category-F (Nominations): the regular teachers serving under the Directorate of Education FATA, FANA, Cantts and Garrisons, PAF and Federal Directorate of Education fulfilling the admission criteria of relevant programs are eligible. (Nomination from the concerned directorates is compulsory).


  1. Candidate’s NIC (In case a candidate is below 18 years, B Form, Parent’s/Guardian’s/ Husband’s NIC)
  2. Certificate and transcripts from SSC
  3. Hafiz-e-Qura’an certificate, if the candidate is a Hafiz-e-Quran.
  4. Character certificate from the institution last
  5. For categories B, C, D, E and F relevant
  6. Teaching Experience Certificate from relevant Directorate of Education (if applicable).
  7. Any other document asked from time to time.